Here at Osrynn's Oddments, we aim to create high quality content for 5th edition DnD. Every week, on a Saturday (between 09:00-10:00 GMT), we release a brand new resource for DM's to use in their games. Our current schedule is:

  • 1st and 3rd Saturdays: Battlemap + Themed Encounters
  • 2nd Saturday: Art Resource (Map Pack, or similar)
  • 4th Saturday: Full, Free, Adventure
With each Battlemap post, you will receive a pre-made encounter map, designed to fit a theme, and between 6 and 8 encounters built to utilise both the environment, and certain map features. Each encounter included will be given a Level recommendation, and a Difficulty rank within that level group. These have been worked out using CR calculations, and should prove relatively accurate for an average party; that said, you are always welcome to use them however you see fit (after all, we all know our own groups best).

Our Art Resource posts will each come with exactly that, an art resource. The first three of these were my Modular Map Packs 1-3, which were designed to help DM's build quick and effective maps for their own campaigns. Other resources will include pre-made encounter maps, monster tokens for my unique monsters, more modular packs, and other things yet to be announced.

On the fourth Saturday of each month, we will release an Adventure post. These will be fully realised adventures you can run in your games. Each adventure is designed to be easy to slot into existing campaigns/settings, as well as working great as stand alone one-shots. Every adventure comes with unique monsters, interesting mechanics, and everything you need to run them right away.

If any month happens to have five Saturdays? That's up to us then. We can promise a post, and we can promise something you can use, but it's a complete mystery as to what it'll be! 

In between the scheduled posts, we will also attempt to post regularly. We will post game tales from sessions we have run, advice for newer DMs, discussions of mechanics, in depth looks at some of our unique monsters, and more. Keep watching the blog, give us a follow, and enjoy what we have to offer!

About Osrynn

Osrynn is the pen name for Tom Brooks, a DM, player, and all around enthusiast of 5e DnD. He started this blog as an outlet for pent-up creative energy during the first lockdown in England due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. He initially started creating for a bit of fun, and to allow himself to improve in his adventure writing for his own games, but it quickly expanded into a hobby in its own right!