17 April 2021

Unplanned Hiatus

 Hi all, sorry for the radio silence for the last couple of weeks! It's bee a little manic here recently, as my hours have nearly tripled at work (due to pubs and bars getting ready for, and subsequently reopening, here in the UK). The rush is slowly dying back a little, and by the beginning of May, we'll be back to posting weekly content here on the blog. In order to keep quality high, however, we did not want to rush any of our posts, so have opted to hold back on releasing any content until the 8th of May (the first just wasn't soon enough for us to get anything ready by).

When we return, we will be back with new adventures, new formats, more impressive maps than ever before, and hopefully a few interesting surprises to boot! So until then, we thank you for reading our work as always, and can't wait to be back with all new ideas for your games!

03 April 2021

Desert Path Battlemap + 8 Encounters (6 New Creatures)

This week, we decided to revisit the desert setting, and make another sandy battlemap. Instead of focussing on manmade structures or an oasis, however, we wanted to keep the attention firmly on the sandy dunes themselves. As usual, we have included eight unique encounters, using a mix of both brand new, and pre-existing monsters, and hope you will find something interesting or fun for your games!

The main features of this map are the two raised cliff faces, and the worn path through the desert. The cliff faces should represent areas that the party either cannot reach, or have to work hard to get to (DC 14+ strength (athletics) check to climb, maybe taking 1+ rounds to do so). The path should represent the only safe way through the map. Leaving the path would be a mistake for the party, as the sand becomes softer/deeper where travellers avoid walking. Any area over 5 ft. away from the path (the slightly darker area on the map) would count as difficult terrain, reducing a creature's speed by half.

The Map:

The Map