13 February 2021

Art Resource Week: 15 free maps for random encounters/ambushes

Is it that time already? Week two of the month is Art Resource week, and this month we have a great selection of pre-made maps for you to use in your games! 15 maps, available both with and without grids, in a number of different styles, so you can simply pop them into your VTT (or print them for actual tabletops), and they're ready to go. Eight of the maps are on a 25x25 grid square, and the other seven are 32x24, and each one has been made to fit a wide variety of settings.

Some of the maps are 100% suited to ambush encounters, whilst others are great for randomly rolled battles wherever the party are. Whichever you need, this pack has it. You can download the pack (for free) here.

As you can see from the cover above, this pack is suited for grassland and plains encounters mostly, as well as slightly hillier and craggier locations too. No matter what kind of encounter you're running, something in here should be of use to you.

Each of the maps is designed to be a part of a different locale, and should provide you not only with an easy to use resource, but also a load of inspiration for encounters and more. Each map is designed with at least one defining feature, that you could easily work into you encounters, or simply use as decoration.

A lot of the maps contain elevated areas. These maps help to add a third dimension to a lot more of your encounters, in the upwards sense. Using the elevated areas effectively in your combats can be the difference between a good encounter, and a great one. Simply having a ranged enemy on a higher level to the party, firing on them, then taking a few steps backwards and crouching can easily provide them with half cover, and no chance for opportunity attacks being made against them.

Eight of the maps are made in a square perspective (and were designed for a 25x25 grid). The remaining seven are landscape, and are designed as 32x24 grids. Each map comes both with, and without a grid, so you can resize them if needed for your games. 

We really hope these maps prove useful/helpful for you in your games, and we also hope you can find some inspiration in them to create something fun for your players. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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