22 June 2021


  In a somewhat "Good News/Bad News" situation, I have found myself working a lot more hours in my regular job, as well as taking on some more responsibility. The bright side is that I'm working and earning more than before. The negative side is that I barely get the time to plan my own games, let alone write adventures for the blog...

  I have gone from running two games on a weekly basis, to running roughly three sessions a month. Whilst this is certainly not a bad thing, it does mean that I'm having to prioritise the time I get to make sure those sessions are the absolute best they can be. I have recently started a new campaign with my Wednesday group, in a brand new setting, which has been eating up a lot of my time, though in the most enjoyable way! I'm getting a chance to write a new world, with fresh lore, brand new races, subclasses, and more and incredibly interesting new plotlines. It's been so interesting as a project, that I'm actually in the process of writing the setting up to release for other people to use!

  Another current project of mine has been writing a campaign for this new world. I have been slowly building a team/cast of players and crew to put together a live-stream and podcast of this new campaign, made up mostly of players from my regular groups. The hope is to be running fortnightly sessions on Twitch (more info coming soon), and then releasing said sessions in an audio form (and probably uploaded to youtube too). I really hope that some of you will tune in to watch when said games are underway, and help support us in any way you can!

  Finally, I've been working on adventures. Both old and new. I haven't had the time to test out any of the new adventures/encounters yet, and as such do not feel comfortable releasing them for public consumption at this point. As for the old adventures, I've been rewriting some of my older adventures in a new format! I have, so far, just finished the first draft of my first ever adventure: A Crap Job. This sewer delving adventure was my first ever foray into adventure writing for public use. It was received relatively well at the time, but is nowhere close to the quality of content I now try to put out. As such, I have rewritten it in its entirety; none of it was copied and pasted from the original. New wording, new statblocks, new maps, and more. It will be getting released over on DriveThruRPG and on my KoFi Page on the Fourth of July (the first anniversary of this blog's founding!), as a premium product.

  I plan on hosting a giveaway competition for a free copy or two of the full product for some of my readers closer to the time, so keep watching this space! It is just going through a proof reading and analysis procedure at the moment, to make sure it is at it's absolute best for when it is fully published. For now; here's a preview of the first three pages;

I know that this means a larger focus on premium products for the time being, but I still plan on creating and releasing at least one piece of free content every month, starting again on Saturday the Third Monday the Fifth of July (sorry for the delays), a free map, along with a chance to win a free copy of "A Crap Job - Redux". Until then, thanks for reading!

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