04 July 2021

A Crap Job - Redux is now on sale!

  So this is it! My first premium only adventure is now live on Ko-Fi and DriveThruRPG! This is a reimagining of my first ever adventure here on Osrynn's Oddments, with new statblocks, more detail, better maps, and so much more! If you like the content we create here on the blog, you will absolutely love this, as it has everything you expect from an Osrynn's adventure, and then some.

  The PDF contains 12 pages, packed full of information about the adventure, from monster statblocks, paired with information about the monsters themselves, to brand new maps, designed in an HD style. You can find a preview of the first two pages on both the Ko-Fi shop page and the DriveThruRPG link above.

  Tomorrow, I will be releasing a new map, along with a number of themed encounters, and along with it a chance to win a free copy of this adventure. Along with this, in the next week or so I will be posting new information regarding a new D&D stream I'm in the process of setting up. So until then, stay tuned!

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