20 September 2020

About my Maps (FAQ)

 So. A lot of people ask questions about my maps. Either in comments, in private messages, or on Reddit. I thought this would be the perfect place to address all of them (along with a few extra details).

How Big are your Maps?

I make all of my maps in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The maps are 8,192 x 6,144 pixels, and designed to be 32x24 'squares' wide. Unless otherwise stated, this will be true for all of the maps released through Osrynn's Oddments. I use this format as it easy to work with, and gives me a uniform size to work with (as well as occasionally pushing me to work within constraints).

How Big are the Squares?

Like with all (most) D&D 5e maps, one square on my maps equates to 5ft. of space. If a map seems too small to fit an area, you can always describe it as being a mid-section of the area being explored. (for example, with my "Cave of Two Paths" map, it is, understandably, not a very long passage to be a route between two towns. When I run that adventure, I describe a long walk through the forest/woods to get to the cave, and a winding cave path before they even reach the point the map begins. After the party leave the mapped area, I describe another passageway out, followed by the changing scenery leading to their next destination)0

What App/Software do you use for making your Maps?

I use the web-based cartography tool, Inkarnate. It is a really good system for map design, and full of helpful features for designing. I personally use the premium option, but you can make high quality maps just as well in their free version (just without a few of their newer/experimental features).

You post at odd times. Why?

Because I live in England. Simple answer I'm afraid! I usually post my adventures to my blog between 9 and 10 am over here, and get them onto Reddit for about 12ish. I often forget that the majority of my audience is actually American, and won't see anything until around 3-4pm UK time.

Why do you post Free Adventures?

The short answer is that I enjoy it. It's a great creative exercise for me to build a map/adventure every week, and post it for others to read and enjoy. 

The longer answer is that I have far too many ideas running around in my head to ever be able to run in my own games (they generally have very specific rules/plot hooks that I work within). I wanted an outlet for these ideas, and decided to go with "Online". I won't always be able to get an adventure every week (or sometimes for a few weeks at a time) sure to life, and other commitments, but rest assured, I will always try to get something new up when I can!

Why don't you charge?

There are a lot of amazing adventures and modules available out there that you can buy. Not everyone is in a position, however, where they can afford these. I wanted to provide free resources, and homebrew content, for anyone/everyone to enjoy. At the end of the day, D&D can be a very expensive hobby (the sourcebooks, dice, miniatures, more dice, and the rest of it). I don't want to come along and demand a fee for my ideas and ramblings. If you really like my work, and want to support me, you can always buy me a coffee (though this is 100% optional, and there is literally no obligation to do so).

I will be releasing larger projects in the future for sale, including my current mini-campaign "The Bureau" (which I am still running for my Wednesday group on a weekly basis). When these are available, I will post free samples on my blog, as well as a full description of what you get inside. These will all be available, as and when, as "pay what you like" products.

Why don't you provide Names for NPCs or Locations?

Because I don't want to. Okay, not really, but it's still kind of true... I don't provide names or locations for the simple fact that these games are designed to be run in your worlds. Most (if not all) of my adventures are setting non-specific, and should fit easily into most campaign settings. Why would I risk spoiling that, just by giving a name of a place that doesn't fit your worlds? Or an NPC name that doesn't fit your lore/theme (or even worse, an NPC name you've already used).

My larger projects (modules/campaign settings/more) will contain names, locations, and sometimes even full lore. Rest assured, however, that they will fit the feel of whatever setting they are designed for, and you will be warned beforehand that names are provided.

Do you do Commissions?

That entirely depends! What are you commissioning? If you want an adventure written for a specific setting/environment, then I'm sure I could! Do you have a map, pre-made, that you need an adventure written for? Definitely! There are lots of different things that I would be happy to help out on/work with you on, but not all projects will be right for me. Get in touch with me, and let me know what you're after, and I'll be happy to discuss what I can do for you.

As always, I hope you found something interesting in this post, and I hope you all enjoy my next offerings to you all. Next weeks adventure is already shaping up to be very interesting, and should challenge your players in ways they wouldn't have thought. See you next time!

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