16 September 2020

I'm Back! (Sort of...)

 So! I am aware that I kind of, appeared out of nowhere, uploaded 4 separate adventures/maps, gave you some funny stories, and a few new monsters, only to vanish a month later. Well! There is some good news, I got a new job. It was a little... hectic.. to say the least for the first few weeks, and I barely had enough time to run my own two regular games for that time (let alone writing material for you guys). Well, it's calmed down somewhat, and I now have a good amount of free time between workdays now, and have re-started writing adventures for this blog (and Reddit, of course).

I had to stop writing the adventure for the Goblin themed story halfway through the process, and as such kind of lost where I was with it. A genuine shame, as I really liked where that one was going (the Nilbog is still my favourite monster in D&D 5e to date). I promise that I will pick it back up at some point (maybe in a few weeks or so), but for now, I'm running a short, separate campaign for my Wednesday group (a player can't make it for a few weeks, and the story was really starting to explore his backstory/quest, so we all agreed to start something as a side-campaign), and will be uploading slightly changed versions of the sessions I'm running for them on here on Saturday mornings. After I finish running the campaign, I will probably compile it into a larger PDF, with all of my NPC's, my story-line linking the adventures, and all of my other fun ideas and nuances from running the campaign myself.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, please keep an eye on this space, as I plan on uploading in onto somewhere like itch.io, as a pay-what-you-want product. Any donations made through Ko-Fi in the next 4 weeks will also recieve a free copy of this PDF (just send me a message with proof of payment, and I'll get it to you when it's out).

It will be a funny, ready to play adventure, designed for a group who don't want to take themselves too seriously. It will be designed to be played over 5 sessions, with one adventure being played per session. Rather than using traditional levelling systems, the party will gain a level at the end of every session, beginning at first level, meaning they can quickly learn their characters, whilst also getting to try something they might not usually play.

Seriously. our usual gunslinger fighter is playing a rogue, the usual (edgy) rogue is playing a bard, the sorcerer is now a minator paladin, and the halfling cleric is (also) playing a tortle paladin (yeah... two paladins...)

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