19 September 2020

Into The Fey Woods - An Adventure for players leveled 2-4

It's been a while! I'm really sorry that I haven't posted anything for so long, but as I said in my previous post, thing's have been a little mad. Here's my latest adventure, with a little bit of a Fey theme. I've recently started running a new campaign, and am really enjoying where it might be going, so have decided to share some of the adventures i'm using in it with you all. I'm afraid to say that there are no new monsters of stat blocks for this adventure, but I hope you like the map, the adventure, and the other aspects of this week's offering! (This adventure should be hard/deadly for a party of level 2's, average difficulty for level 3's, easy for level 4's, and trivial for anything 5+)

I really hope people like the slightly more 'unique' take to player rewards I've used in this adventure too!

Build Up

If you want to base this adventure in the town/village/area that your party is currently in, make sure to drop a few hints in the sessions leading up to it. Mention the local woods having a close connection to the Feywild, and how it is not often entered by the locals. Mention some of the antics of a few of the residents (the boggles leaving oily puddles and playing jokes on locals, rumours of super-fast creatures that sneak into houses and steal items (the quicklings), etc.), and local myths about dangerous creatures living in the darker areas of the woods. One day, a pixie from the woods will fly up to the party and beg them for their help.

If you want to use this as a way of moving your players to a new area, simply have them run into the Pixie at some point in their travels, and have her ask them for their help.

The Quest

The party are approached by a Pixie, who lives in the Fey-Woods, and needs their help. She, and a number of other fey creatures, live in the woods (a place closely linked to the Feywild). Unfortunately, something has come through from the wilds, and it isn’t friendly. 

She will ask them to help her get rid of the threat, and in turn will promise them a blessing. She will tell the party that she has sealed the interloper in the Pixie glade, deep in the woods, and that the party will need three crystals to unlock the barrier she erected to keep it there. She will hand them one of these crystals, but apologise for losing the other two during her escape from the woods. When the party has all three, they are to place them into a tree stump with three holes in, near the pixie glade.

The Pixie

I shall not name the Pixie who will give the party this quest, as I never do name my NPC’s for these adventures. I like to leave that up to the individual DM’s running my work. This way, you can pick a name that works in your universe, as well as one that you personally like. The other reason for this is that I’m actually awful at coming up with names.

The Pixie is a Tiny fey creature, standing just over 30cm tall. She will act erratically and, despite their usually mischievous nature, will act in a professional way. If questioned about her motives, an insight check (DC 12) will reveal that she is genuinely afraid of the threat in her home, and is willing to work against her usual nature to get help.

Pixie’s Blessing

Once blessed by the Pixie, the recipient gains use of the Druid cantrip Druidcraft. The recipient can cast this as a normal cantrip, with Wisdom as their spellcasting ability. As well as this, the recipient will gain access to the first level spell Entangle, and can cast this once per day without expending a spell slot; their spellcasting modifier for this is also Wisdom, and once cast this way, cannot be used again until the caster has completed a long rest.

The Woods

The woods are a mysterious place, filled with creatures native to the Feywild, unusual plantlife, and more. The entire woods are filled with a fine layer of mist, lightly obscuring the view of the ground, and giving the whole place an otherworldly feel. The creatures that make it their home are often quite shy around “big” people (as most are small or tiny creatures themselves). Regular, terrestrial, animal life is very uncommon in the area, as most creatures avoid the place.

The plants that grow in the area also grow weirdly, with some trees growing larger than they should, and forming walls inside the woods. The only ways through the woods are the pathways within that already exist. Locals will warn travellers to avoid going “off the track” inside, as those that do are rarely seen again (if a player leaves the track, have them roll a wisdom save for every 6 seconds (save DC 16), taking 1d4 psychic damage on a fail, and half as much on a success).


W1 - Woods Entrance

The first area within the Fey-Woods the party will come to is the entrance clearing. This open space is where the dirt path leading into the woods ends, becoming scuffed and overgrown in areas, and eventually just disappearing. The clearing only has a thin covering of mist, which becomes progressively thicker down both of the paths that branch off from it.

The party has two options for their path from here on: a path to the west, leading to W3, and a path to the south, that leads into W2. The path to W3 is relatively short, and the party will be able to see a small amount of the area, being able to make out a few scattered trees, and a much thicker covering of mist. The path leading to W2 is a lot longer, and more winding, down this pathway, the mist becomes almost too thick to see through in parts, and the party will not be able to see much else.

W2 - Thorny Clearing

As the players begin to approach W2, give them enough warning about what is to come, by informing them that the ground under their feet starts to become rougher and more overgrown. As they progress further towards the room, inform them about the thorny vines growing around near their feet.

The vines in this room have come over from the feywild, and are hostile towards any non-fey entity in their area. The vines act on initiative order 20, and will attempt to restrain the party. After all party members are inside the area (or as many as are going to be), A vine will reach out for each party member within range (within 5 feet of the area/inside the area), and will attempt to grab them. Each character grabbed will need to make a Dexterity saving throw (DC14), or become restrained. On each character’s turn, they can attempt to escape with a strength or dexterity check (DC 14). Any character that is still restrained by the vines when their turn comes around takes 1d4 Piercing damage, and 1d4 Necrotic damage as the vines tighten and absorb nutrients from the bodies. The vines can be destroyed, by taking 5 or more damage. Each vine has 5 hip points, an AC of 10, resistance to bludgeoning, thunder and radiant damages, and weakness to fire and slashing damages. If destroyed this way, the vine will release any creature they are holding. Every round, a new vine will grow to take the place of any destroyed.

In the furthest section of this area, in the south east curve, the players will be able to see a faint blue glow. This glow is emanating from one of the crystals dropped by the Pixie. The party will easily be able to tell what the glow is coming from, as it closely resembles the crystal the Pixie gave to them.

There are two exits to this room, one to the north, leading to W1, and one to the west leading to W4 & W6. The northern path is long and winding, and filled with a thick coating of the mist, whilst the western path is less misty, but splits off in two separate directions. The north fork is well sheltered, and dark, whilst the southern fork sees the mist growing thicker.

W3 - Boggle Nest

As the party enters this area, the first thing they will notice is that there are odd, crudely made frames all over the place, made of sticks. They will also notice a number of small holes dug into the floor and walls. If they look up, they will also notice that some branches have been tied together to form frames/crudely built shapes in the trees. This area is the nesting site for 2d3+2 Boggles (Volo’s Guide to Monsters - p128), who use these frames/holes for their Dimensional Rift trait. The floor in this area is lightly obscured by a 1 foot thick layer of mist, which also rises higher in some areas, but doesn’t obscure much else.

When the party is in this area, the boggles will be hidden (a wisdom (perception) or intelligence (investigation) check of DC 16 will reveal them) around the areas (both inside holes, behind obstacles, and in tree branches). As the party moves through, at least one boggle will attempt to steal from them, probably something obvious (like daggers/small weapons or coin pouches, etc.), and will attempt to scare them away by dropping rocks on them through their rifts in the tree canopy (dealing 1(1d4-1) damage on a hit).

Boggles attempting to steal from the party will do so through their rifts, and will not likely approach the party directly. If a party member goes close to the walls/trees in the area, the boggles will reach through the holes there, or if they keep away, they will try to form a rift between the legs of the party member at the back of the group.

The boggles will try to avoid direct conflict, and will hide when attacked, and can also be reasoned with. A charisma (persuasion) check (DC 16) can be made when reasoning with them to convince them to give safe passage. The check can be made at advantage if the party/player offers the boggles something “shiny” as a bribe.

When characters move to any space in this area, roll a d4. On a 1, the space will contain a puddle of Slippery oil (check the boggle statblock), on a 2 it will contain a puddle of sticky oil (also boggle statblock), and nothing will happen on a 3 or 4. Only roll this check for the space the player ends on during their movement. 

There are two entrances to this area, one to the east, leading to W1, and one to the south west, which comes from W5. Both pathways are lightly obscured with a wall of mist, but can be traversed without problem.

W4 - Darkling Clearing

As the party progresses towards W4, they will notice the tree coverage becomes thicker. The clearing itself is so dark that it seems to be nighttime within. The grass in here is a sickly brown, and the few smaller trees that have survived are nearly devoid of leaves, and twisted in strange ways. Hiding amongst the branches (wisdom (perception) check DC 17 to see) are 1d2+1 Darklings (Volo’s Guide to Monsters - p134).

When the players enter this area, the Darklings will jump down from the trees and attack. They will, inevitably, aim to get in a sneak attack for their first round, then quickly attempt to hide, and repeat their attacks to try and eliminate the intruders. If you want to give your payers a real challenge, allow the darklings to take a cunning action, in keeping with their roguish feel (allowing them to either dash, disengage or hide as a bonus action).

The clearing itself is very dark, and characters without darkvision or similar will not be able to see without the need for a torch (or other light source). The Darklings will use this to their advantage, and will try to avoid any character holding a bright light source.

There are two entrances to this clearing, one to the west (leading to W5), and one to the south (leading to W2 & W6). The path to the west is relatively clear, and begins to lighten quickly as the party approaches W5. The Southern path leads to the fork between W2 & W6, and starts off lightly obscured by the mist, but becomes clearer as they approach either of the other areas.

W5 - The Crossroads

The crossroads in W5 are relatively empty, and are well lit with soft sunlight coming in through the trees from above. Even the mist is light in this room, with only a few small patches scattered about, giving a calm, mystical feel to the clearing. There are four exits to the area: one to each of the major compass points (North, East, South and West).

The northern exit leads into W3, and is filled with a thin veil of mist, partially blocking sight into the boggle nest. It is a short, and relatively unremarkable pathway, defined by a few crude wooden frames hanging from branches on the way in.

The Eastern path is a little longer, and very thickly covered over by the tree canopy. The path quickly becomes darker, and is very difficult to make out most of the contents of the area beyond. It leads the players into W4, and a chill wind seems to blow from within.

To the South, there is a very short passage, only a few feet long, that leads into W6. Despite the short passage, the way becomes increasingly misty, with the fog becoming almost 2 foot deep in places. Down this passage, the party can see a faint blue glow emanating from a spot in the center of the woods floor within W6. A Wisdom (perception) check (DC 12) will reveal it to be coming from another of the Pixie’s crystals.

The Western passage, leading to W8, is blocked by an impassable wall of light. This is the barrier the Pixie talked about, and seems to be emanating from a point to the south west, through the tree cover. This barrier is completely impassable, and players will need to place all three crystals into the spots in W7 to progress down here.

W6 - Quickling Nest

As the players enter this area, the first thing they should see is the bluish glow emanating from a spot on the ground in the centre of the clearing. Despite the light coming in from above, this glow will be obvious to anyone entering the room directly. Any player/character that has seen the crystal provided by the Pixie will recognize the glow as being the same. This area is also home to 2 Quicklings (Volo’s Guide to Monsters - p187).

If a player approaches the crystal, a blurred creature will speed past them, snatching it up and running away, as a second blurred creature moves up behind them striking them with a dagger attack. The two quicklings will continue to attack players, in hopes of looting them for all they have. Their tactic in this fight will be to hit and run, incurring opportunity attacks willingly (due to their blurred movement trait, they do not expect to be hit).

After killing one of the two, the other will focus on whoever dealt the final blow to it’s comrade; approaching them, using all three attacks against the target, then running as far away as they can. After both are dead, the second one killed will be holding the crystal.

There are three entrances to this area. The entrance to the east comes from W2 & W4, the entrance to the west leads into W7, and the final entrance to the north comes in from W5. The northern entrance does not contain much mist, and the way becomes clearer the further towards W5 the party moves. Both other entrances are lightly filled with mist, and become difficult to see down.

W7 - Stump Marsh

When the party enters the area, they will notice the ground underfoot becoming softer. The further in they progress, they will begin to wade in a 2 foot deep marsh. This area is considered difficult terrain, and any character moving through it will need to make a dexterity (acrobatics) check, or begin to sink underneath. Players that begin to sink are considered restrained, and can try to escape with a dexterity save (DC 14). Every time this check is failed, they take 1 acid damage.

In the northern section of this area, a large tree stump is situated, with a wall of light emanating from it, through the trees, and to the north-east. Even from the other side of the area, the party will be able to see three small holes in the top of the stump, identical in size/shape to the crystals they need to shut down the barrier to W8. Placing the crystals into the holes will result in said barrier disappearing.

The only way into and out of this area is the path to the south-east. This pathway leads into W6, and is obscured by a thin veil of mist. The ground becomes more solid as the players walk towards W6, until the moment they enter the area, when it is solid dirt again.

W8 - Pixie Glade

After removing the barrier between W5 and W8, the party will be able to enter the final part of the woods. Inside the glade, the party will be able to see a wide variety of plant life growing across the floor. The edges of the glade are sheltered by tree cover, and are considered to be dim light, whilst the center of the glade is well lit by sunlight coming in from above. The floor is only lightly covered in mist in this area, and the sunlight coming through it gives off an otherworldly glow.

Hiding in the shadows, in the northern part of the glade, is a Meenlock (Volo’s Guide to Monsters - p170), and two Blink Dogs (Basic Rules - p119). The blink dogs have been tamed by the meenlock, and fight for it. Upon seeing new creatures enter its prison, the meenlock will emerge, approach the party, attack, then teleport away, to the far end of the glade.

The Meenlock, and both blink dogs, are immediately hostile, and will not back down from the fight. The Meenlock itself will fight using a similar tactic to above; move in, attack, teleport away (when able). The dogs will follow a similar tactic, trying to take out the weaker looking members of the party (e.g. the casters). For a more difficult combat, make the Meenlock’s recharge the same as the blink dogs - 4-6 instead of 5-6.

After taking care of the monsters, the Pixie that approached them for the job (along with a couple of others) will emerge from between the trees, and thank the party for their help. The quest-giving Pixie will chant briefly in Sylvan, and grant her blessing on the party (as described above). What does the pixie chant? I’ll leave that up to you.

Fey Woods Map (No Grid)

Fey Woods Map (With Grid)

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