19 July 2020

Jar of Bee?

So in my last adventure, I included a "Crate Loot Table". It was a d6 table full of utterly useless things. I love to put random things into my adventures to make it seem more realistic (you search the box, in the basement? Of the Necromancer? Sure. Have a zombie). Another thing I love is the Jar of Bee. Similarly to the Undead Finger, one of my favourite pieces of "loot" (I use the term lightly) to offer to my players is a jar, containing a single bee. 

Why is it there? What is its purpose? Will it die? I only have one of the answers to those questions, and it's yes, the bee can die. I gave three players a "Jar of Bee" in session 3 of my Sunday group, and wow. One regularly messages me privately to let me know he is putting in some food (leaves, flowers, that kind of thing) for his bee. Another has named his Tim. The third? He forgot he had it. After about 10 sessions he asked me "Oh! How's my bee doing?" to which the only response I could give was; "It's dead." Poor guy... He was actually quite sad he let his bee die. I felt a little bad after that one.

Have fun with it, and see if your players actually find a use for their Bee Jars. Why not? What's the worst that could happen?

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