12 July 2020

Monster Spotlight - Water Mote

To begin, a little context: In my most recent adventure, "A Cave of Two Paths", I introduced the "Water Mote". It was a tiny elemental creature that resembled a floating ball of water. It attacked adventurers unlucky enough to venture into/near its pool, and it had some really fun mechanics.

When I started writing the Cave adventure, I knew I wanted some kind of water based creature for the party to fight. My first idea was to simply use something like a Water Weird, but one enemy? not much of a challenge. But two would be way overpowered for the low level of the adventure. I also considered using a Sea Hag, a school of Quippers, and a few other weird fits (none worked like I wanted them to). Eventually I realised this would be where I would have to include something new for this weeks release.

I liked the initial idea, of the Water Weird, as it would be completely invisible to the naked eye when the party entered the room, and would provide a fun challenge for them to cross the lake without "waking" it. So with two rules in mind ("invisible in water" and "will react when the party touch the water") I began work. The end result, you will see below, and it includes everything you need to run the Water Mote really well in your campaigns!

Elemental Motes

Elemental Motes are tiny elemental spirits, which are bound to a specific location and elemental source. Often created by powerful spellcasters, Motes are bound to protect whatever source of elemental energy (water, earth, fire or air) that they were created from, and return to that element when they die.

Elemental motes are unable to travel more than 50 feet from their source, and are supernaturally tethered to that location. Even if an elemental mote is killed, it will re-emerge from its original source 7 days later, alive and well, resuming its protection of that area.

Elemental Motes cannot be summoned through the “Conjure Minor Elementals” spell, or any way other than the spell Create Elemental Motes, which can be cast by Druids, Sorcerers and Wizards. Traditionally, druids tend more towards Earth and Water Motes, whilst Wizards and Sorcerers prefer Fire and Air Motes (though all three can create all types).

Water Motes

Water motes are generally created in pools, ponds and lakes to protect that body of water from being fouled or polluted. They take the forms of small orbs of water, about 8-10 inches across, that can travel through water at a good speed, and can hover slowly through the air.

A water source with water motes bound to it is protected from being poisoned, fouled or otherwise polluted from any source (mundane or magical). The water can, however, still be destroyed (through the "Create/Destroy Water" spell, or similar), killing any/all bound motes in the process.

Water motes will only emerge from their source when a creature, other than their creator, enters or comes into contact with it. When they emerge, they consider any creature within 10 ft. of their home to be a threat, and will fight with their lives to keep them away. Any attacks made against them are also considered to be an attack against their source.

Water Motes fight by creating a tendril of water from their bodies, and using it to make Lash attacks against invading creatures. They can take certain elemental energy into their bodies as well, and use them in their own attacks. If a water mote is targeted by cold damage from any source, it forms ice crystals in its body which it uses to sharpen its lash with an icy tip. Likewise, if the Water Mote takes fire damage from any source, its body heats up and begins to boil, scalding its targets with its touch alone.

Water Mote - Statblock

(This is an excerpt from a larger PDF I have created on "Elemental Motes", and includes statblocks/info on Water, Fire, Eearth and Air Motes. I'm still working on sourcing artwork of these creatures, but will possibly release this soon, with the "Create Elemental Motes" spell.)

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