15 July 2020

Monster Spotlight - Earth Mote

Following on from my "Water Mote" post a few days back, I thought I would introduce the next Elemental Mote in the series: the Earth Mote. Similarly to its aquatic cousin, the earth mote is a new type of elemental creature for D&D 5e. Its primary method of fighting is to hide underneath the ground, only coming up to throw itself at a target to attack, and it has a pretty hefty AC for a CR 1/4 monster (plus a bunch of resistances and immunities). 

The Earth Mote will be featuring in my up-coming adventure (due for release this Saturday (18/07/2020)); The Necromancers Tower. It will, despite the inclusion of this low level monster, be an adventure for mid to high level players (levels 8-10), and will, quite obviously, be heavily focused on the undead and necromancy. In a bit to make sure the adventure wasn't 100% undead, however, I decided to use a couple of earth elemental creatures to guard the outside of the tower, and the Earth Mote was just the perfect fit...

For those who didn't see it before, I will include the introduction to Elemental Motes below, as well as a little more information about this new enemy! (This will likely be the last Elemental Mote creature I will post on here, as the rest will have to wait until I put out the final product/PDF.)

Elemental Motes

Elemental Motes are tiny elemental spirits, which are bound to a specific location and elemental source. Often created by powerful spellcasters, Motes are bound to protect whatever source of elemental energy (water, earth, fire or air) that they were created from, and return to that element when they die.

Elemental motes are unable to travel more than 50 feet from their source, and are supernaturally tethered to that location. Even if an elemental mote is killed, it will re-emerge from its original source 7 days later, alive and well, resuming its protection of that area.

Elemental Motes cannot be summoned through the “Conjure Minor Elementals” spell, or any way other than the spell Create Elemental Motes, which can be cast by Druids, Sorcerers and Wizards. Traditionally, druids tend more towards Earth and Water Motes, whilst Wizards and Sorcerers prefer Fire and Air Motes (though all three can create all types).

Earth Motes

Earth Motes can be created anywhere that there is natural earth (they cannot be made from refined or tooled stone), and take the form of a small, rough ball of earth, about 7-8 inches in diameter. Not only can they roll across any ground with ease, but they can also burrow deep into the ground to hide from attackers.

An area protected by Earth Motes is usually enchanted so as to protect something of importance within (often either a temple, tower or other important landmark/residence). The area it protects weathers slowly, and cannot erode over time or be damaged by natural causes (though can still be damaged through magical means).

Earth Motes remain motionless, under the ground in the area they are bound to, and only show themselves if a creature not friendly to their creator steps within 10 ft. of their elemental source. Any creature that does, however, will find themselves attacked from below by these elemental spirits, which will not relent until dead, or the offending creature moves out of their range.

As creatures of the earth, Earth Motes fight by burrowing underneath their enemies, and bursting upwards. They hurl their own bodies into their foes, and slam into them dealing damage. They are highly resistant to many types of damage, and are hard to hit, whilst they are under the ground.

Earth Mote - Statblock

(This is an excerpt from a larger PDF I have created on "Elemental Motes", and includes statblocks/info on Water, Fire, Eearth and Air Motes. I'm still working on sourcing artwork of these creatures, but will possibly release this soon, with the "Create Elemental Motes" spell.)

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