16 January 2021

Modular Cave Map - 30 10x10 Tiles

It's been a while, but here we are again! Osrynn's back (after my third unannounced hiatus) with yet another new idea for the blog. After October (and my Halloween Adventure), the UK went into yet another lockdown. Whilst this should be the best time to create more content for my blog, my productivity and enthusiasm went down the drain (as well as my mental health). I always tell players in my games: "Your mental health is more important than anything!", and always encourage them to be open about problems. I would rather re-schedule ten weeks in a row than have a player (and friend) suffering because they feel pressured into playing a game their heart isn't in. So I took my own advice, and took some time away!

A sample map - made using the pack

This time, however, I am back with yet another new idea; Map Packs! In this weeks offering, you can get 30 pre-made map tiles for use in online tabletop software's (such as Roll20), for building cave maps for your games. Each tile is designed to be 10x10 squares (though I have included both gridded and non-gridded versions - in case you would prefer to use a different scale), and can be fitted together with one another in any orientation (as long as you fit the openings together). The full tile-set is available for free on my store (pay-what-you-want - including nothing) on Ko-Fi.

A fork in the road? What could be down either route...

Some of the tiles act as corridors, and have anywhere between 1 and 4 exits to other tiles. These are great for connecting together larger rooms, as well as adding choices of routes for the party to pick between.
A great place to encounter a Water Mote?

Others have basic features, such as the underground lake room here. These can be great ways to incorporate either hidden treasure (sunken?) or water based foes (who doesn't love Water Weirds?). Other than a few lakes and flooded portions, however, you will find the tiles have been left intentionally blank - so you can furnish the caves as you see fit!

Big open room? No Enemies? This must be the Boss Chamber!

As well as the rooms with features, most of the rooms included in this map pack are like the one above; empty. Some (like this one) only have one way in/out - making them perfect for 'boss' fights, or ambushes, others have anywhere between one and four exits, giving you plenty of options for building your cave systems!

To grab the tile packs, just visit my store. They are pay what you want, and you have no obligation to pay anything for them, it was just the easiest way to distribute 30+ images in one go.

However you use the tiles, I really hope you enjoy them! I would love to see what you end up doing with them, so please feel free to share your dungeon builds!

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