28 January 2021

New Schedule

 For a while I've just posted whatever I seem to be feeling on any given week. That's about to change! After looking at how long it takes to create certain resources for this blog, and what I enjoy making the most, I have decided to start working to a regular schedule.

From now on, every Saturday there will be a new post. Unless there are extenuating circumstances (which I will attempt to explain in the event they happen), I hope to keep to this plan.

On the first and third Saturdays of the month, I will post a Battlemap, along with a number of encounters you can run on it. Each of these will be completely new and unique from my other works, and each on will come with at least one brand new creature, and one or more terrain action. Some of these maps will be easier to fit into certain campaigns than others, but every one should be able to inspire ideas (whether those are running my monsters in a different setting, or running your own adventure/encounter on my map).

On the second Saturday of the month, I will post an art based resource. These will nearly always be a map pack of some variety. Some months these will be a modular map pack you can use to build your own dungeons/encounters, and sometimes they will be packs of pre-made maps - either for dungeons or encounters, that you can use for whatever purposes you want in your games.

The Fourth Saturday of the month will be the day I release a new complete adventure. These will be full dungeons with unique enemies and features, planned encounters, and even plot hooks you can use to incorporate them into your games. They should all work perfectly fine as part of a larger campaign, as well as on their own as standalone one-shots. 

Occasionally a month will have five Saturdays in it. On these rare occasions, it will be my usual; whatever takes my fancy that week! I could release a second full adventure, I might create another map pack or art asset, I may have another Battlemap along with encounters, or I may have something completely different! It's really anyone's guess where those months will go.

I will still occasionally post funny stories at random, and will continue to provide other assets for DMs to use in their games throughout, including more Terrain Action posts, monster spotlights, and more. So don't worry about these elements of the blog disappearing, I just wanted to get a little more organised.

This new schedule will begin in February, and this Saturday, I will be releasing my latest adventure; Temple of the Elements. It is a full dungeon you can easily slot into most campaign settings, and complete with puzzles, combat encounters, and a unique boss fight, complete with lair actions! I'm really happy with this one, and I really hope you all enjoy running it as much as me!

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