18 January 2021

Modular Sewers - 53 Modular Map Tiles for Map Making

Unusual for a resource post to go up on any day other than a Saturday, but here we are. In a bid to release both of my first two map packs before this weekend (as I have an adventure built using both of the two of them coming on Saturday), I have opted for a weekday release!

This Map Pack is a sewers style tile set. As with my Caves pack, each tile is 10x10 squares (though the un-gridded version can be warped to any dimensions you should need), and can be fitted together in hundreds of different ways.

A sample map, made using 9 tiles from the map pack
When I first started this blog, and began releasing DnD adventures, the very first adventure I posted was also set in the sewers. I find sewers are a brilliant urban dungeon setting for so many different campaigns, as they can be made to fit into almost any large town or city, as well as being a widely sprawling maze underneath the characters feet at any given time. There is some kind of inherent mystery to the sewage systems in fantasy, and some incredible adventures can happen in them.

If you are looking for any inspiration in building a sewage adventure in your games, then this pack is a great place to start! Whether you build a map first, and let the ideas come from the layout, or you write the story, and then build the map to fit it, I can guarantee that these tiles will help you build an incredible adventure for your players.

Some of the rooms have different pathways through them
The only furnishing you will find in any of the tiles will be the bare necessities for a sewage system; raw sewage, ladders, pipes and drains (and some bridges, but whatever, they fitted). Some of the tiles will have multiple pathways through them, some requiring the party to enter the sewage, and some allowing them to stay dry (but at what cost?).

The mechanic I used in my A Crap Job adventure for Raw Sewage could be used to force players to pick between a more dangerous route, or submerging themselves in the sewage.

Each room is completely unique
Each room and corridor in this map pack has been designed to be completely unique from all of the others. No matter what orientation you have the rooms in, whether or not you flip or mirror them, no two are the same, meaning you can slot them together in even more ways!

Due to the fact that there are two different types of path leading out of each room (with/without sewage), versions of each room type/shape have been designed with different exit combinations. Unfortunately, this means that not all paths can be connected to one another, but it does mean that you can connect any sewage paths/canals to others, and you can connect all regular corridors to one another.

The pack includes five connector pieces, so you can build dungeons with both this, and my Caves pack together
To allow for even more options when building with this map pack, I have also included 5 connector tiles, allowing you to connect it to tiles from my Caves pack, allowing you to build larger maps and adventures with my packs. 

The pack can be downloaded on my Ko-Fi store for free, where you can also donate to the blog to help me keep on making and designing resources for DM's for longer!

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