21 January 2021

Modular Plains Pack - 30 More Tiles for Map Making

Here it is! Map Pack number three. This time, focussing on the great outdoors. Plains, Rivers and Woods, whatever you need, you can find it here! Included in this pack, you will find 30 unique tiles for building maps for any simple outdoors encounter.

A sample map (20x20), made using 4 tiles - Including a cave entrance
One of the most common settings for encounters and combats is on the road. As well as that, most campaigns tend to be set in temperate areas. Taking both of these pieces of information into account, it is safe to assume that most campaigns will include at least one or two encounters in the wilds. Whether or not that is on the road, in the woods or along a riverside, most parties will encounter enemies somewhere fitting this description.

If you are looking for any inspiration when it comes to building a plains based encounter, consider using some of the Terrain Actions mentioned in my post from a few months back. As well as the terrain actions from that post, any of the encounters mentioned in my Waterfall Battlemap post from October.

That cave looks ominous...
3 of the tiles included in the pack come with cave entrances. These are great for simply setting a scene, or for leading into something larger. The cave entrances on these tiles line up accurately with the pathways in my Caves pack, as well, in case you want to build a whole map on one screen. As well as the connecting tiles, there are also a number of other tile designs with cliff faces on them, to allow you to continue the rock face after the cave entrance.

The bridges can be a great choke point for an encounter
The river and bridge tiles are great for adding depth to your maps. Need to force the party to cross at a particular point, in order to make a combat more dynamic? Simple inform them that the river is moving too fast to be safely crossed, and show them the crossing point. Bridges can also be great locations for certain creatures; Trolls? Classic. 

A fork in the river. Are the streams merging, or splitting apart?
As well as pathways, roads and bridges, some tiles just follow the stream of the rivers. If you really want to throw some water based monsters at your payers, there is no better location. By building a mostly river focussed map, you could run some really interesting encounters; party having to escape from an enemy compound on a makeshift raft? That could be amazing. Especially if you throw some interesting obstacles at them along the way! Maybe one of these rivers leads to a worse threat that whatever they are escaping from, and they have to pick their route carefully...

To grab the tile packs, just visit my store. They are pay what you want, and you have no obligation to pay anything for them, it was just the easiest way to distribute 30+ images in one go

Whatever you do with these tiles, I hope you (and your players) have some amazing encounters on them. As always, if you use them, I'd love to see your maps, and hear your stories about the encounters you have run on them.

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